Stickbread is part of my favorite childhood memories.

I was born and raised in Germany where a campfire is not complete without stickbread.  The kids would fight over who got to knead the dough while the parents would look through refrigerator and pantry to find creative ways to fill the stickbread.

When I moved to the United States, I introduced my friends to this German tradition every chance I got - mostly for selfish reasons: I simply missed it. Whenever there was a campfire, I'd make some dough, grab some sticks, and ask friends to bring butter, jam, brown sugar, cheese, hot dogs, and any other kind of spread they could come up with.

After tasting the first piece of stickbread, most of them were hooked. They asked for the recipe, but always seemed hesitant to make it themselves. After I kept getting requests to bring stickbread on camping trips, to backyard BBQs, and to hunting camps, a friend and I decided that there had to be a way to make stickbread available to people without my having to attend their party.