Pour content of bag into bowl and add water.

Mix until dough shapes into ball. It will be sticky.

Knead by pushing down on dough with ball of hand.

Turn dough 90 degrees. Fold dough over, push down with ball of hand. Repeat about 50 times.

To see if dough is done, cut into dough with sharp knife. You should see lots of layers.

Take a baseball-sized piece of dough and form it into a 10-12 inch long roll.

Starting at the tip of the stick, spiral the dough around the stick, overlapping slightly.

Squeeze the dough until it is about ½ - ¾ inch thick and the seams have joined.

Hold the dough over the hot ashes, turning the stick regularly.
The dough should not touch the flames or the ashes.

The stickbread is ready to eat when it has a golden-brown crust, is firm to the touch, and sounds hollow when you tap it with your finger. 

Pull the bread of the stick using a towel, cloth, or glove (careful, it is very hot).

Fill it with your favorite stuffing.